Diraq awarded CRC-P grant
11 July 2023 by Diraq

In the latest round of the Australian Commonwealth Government's industry-led Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) initiative, Diraq, in partnership with Perceptia Devices and UNSW Sydney, has been awarded a $3 million grant to further its pioneering work in the realm of quantum computing. This grant is the latest demonstration of the Australian Government's intent to support home-grown innovation, especially in areas designated as priority sectors for the forthcoming National Reconstruction Fund (NRF).

"Diraq and our partners Perceptia Devices and UNSW Sydney greatly value this recognition from the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Projects initiative," said CEO and Founder of Diraq, Professor Andrew Dzurak. "This CRC-P grant accelerates our path to harnessing the vast potential of quantum computing and brings us closer to our mission. The investment fuels our drive to produce and operate qubits at scale, which is a crucial requirement for building an error-corrected quantum computer. This is a machine that will be capable of tackling world-changing challenges, such as the custom design of new pharmaceuticals or chemical catalysts that can reduce global energy consumption. It's an exciting time for quantum technology in Australia, and we at Diraq are eager to contribute to the journey." 

Diraq's funded project, which involves the development of integrated circuits (or silicon chips) to control qubits – the units of quantum information – is pivotal to Australia's ambition of constructing a full-scale, error-corrected quantum computer. 

Diraq will undertake the project in partnership with the Sydney-based integrated circuit design company, Perceptia Devices, and UNSW Sydney. With a unique set of capabilities in Australia, and synergy with the needs of quantum control electronics, Perceptia will design and verify qubit controller circuits, whilst upskilling engineers and researchers at Diraq and UNSW Sydney. Researchers at UNSW Sydney will investigate the behaviour and performance of cryogenic analogue circuits, supporting the design of novel ultra-low power solutions.

Building on the momentum of a separate $3.8 million ARC Industry Laureate Fellowship grant awarded last month to UNSW Scientia Professor Alexander Hamilton at, with Diraq as the industry sponsor, this injection of funds exemplifies Australia's strategic and financial commitment to the high-potential technological field of quantum technologies.

The CRC-P grant represents more than a singular investment in quantum technology by both State and Commonwealth Governments. It is part of a larger pattern of deliberate and targeted funding aimed at fostering domestic innovation, enhancing technological capabilities, and cultivating a robust pipeline of projects primed for future investment.

About Diraq
Diraq is a world leader in building quantum processors using silicon ‘quantum dot’ technology, leveraging over two decades in engineering and research expertise at UNSW Sydney and backed by an extensive IP portfolio. Diraq’s goal is to revolutionise full-stack quantum computing by driving qubit numbers on a single chip to the billions needed for useful commercial application.

By capitalising on existing chip fabrication technology and the ability to manufacture qubits at scale within current semiconductor facilities, Diraq is accelerating the change that can transform computing as we know it today. Diraq’s platform architecture is purpose built to drive the significant processing advances required to reduce cost and energy barriers, and to realise quantum computing’s full societal and economic potential.

About Perceptia Devices
Perceptia Devices is an IP and design services provider, based in Sydney, Australia and Silicon Valley. It is focused on high-speed and ultra-low-power mixed-signal semiconductor designs. Its specialization and innovation in all-digital PLLs, a distinction from its competitors, allows it to steadily build a portfolio of proprietary and patented architectures and circuits that bring value to demanding applications. Perceptia is privately owned and self-funded.

For more information, visit www.perceptia.com, or follow Perceptia on LinkedIn.

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